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Letters From Our Readers

We received several great ideas for Irene S. for her box of vintage blocks. Here are a few, and I hope they are helpful. Thank you to all our wonderful readers for your many suggestions. -- Carolyn

"Concerning Irene S., the 90-year-old lady who has a box of quilt tops and blocks that were purchased at a yard sale in 1976: She asked how to care for them, and what to do with them, as they are very old, according to Irene. I would suggest that she contact the nearest historical museum to see if they have a linens conservator on staff who might be able to look at her items. Or she could contact the local county fair board to find a quilt judge who might have knowledge of old items such as hers. I hope these suggestions help her."

-- Kelleigh D.

"This may be of help to some quilters. When my mother-in-law died, her daughters (who did not sew) gave me a box of hexagon patches. These were done by hand and in different colors, and were sewn together in groups of five or six. I counted these patches out, and I had enough to give everyone in the family one. I then took them, attached them by machine blanket stitch on a coordinating color rectangle and gave them as gifts for Christmas. Suggestions of things to make from them were: pillow tops; framed, with a picture of my mother-in-law next to the patch; a small blanket; and some other ideas. Along with each patch, I included a letter saying that this would be a remembrance of her, and I also explained that I did not change in any way, the hexagon patches. Some patches had the original pencil marks. Her stitches were at times not so good, but that was OK. All of the family appreciated them. That box of hexagon patches proved to be useful and memorable. I truly enjoy your newsletters and look forward to them."

-- Roberta F.

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