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Letters From Our Readers

Editor's Comments

I recently asked our readers how we're doing. It's very important to me that we are on track with the needs of our many readers. I love your comments, good or bad. It helps us better serve you. Here are just a few of the many responses we have received. -- Carolyn

"I would like to see more modern quilts using some of the newer techniques out there, and the blending of different colors and hues using the color wheel. This is my favorite right now, but my tastes are changing."

-- Ginny P.

"I love your magazine as is. If you're ever looking to fill space, I would like to see a 12-inch doll pattern with patterns for pinafores for girl dolls and overalls for boy dolls. I would also be interested in instructions for small quilted floor mats. Thanks."

-- Fredonia D.

"Where do you 'park' your needle? If you push it through the thread on the spool, it will split the thread in several places thus weakening it. The pictures showing this are often used in sewing sites. It should be banned."

-- Jo W.

"A friend of mine told me to cut the thread off the spool at an angle, and it will go through the eye of the needle a lot better. Don't cut the thread straight across. This seemed to work for me."

-- Lois Mc.

"Hello, my name is Monica, and I am a relatively new customer of Quilter's World. I've tried a lot of quilting magazines, but this one is definitely my favorite. I like the magazine because the projects are modern and contemporary, yet traditional. I like small projects like table mats and bags; the instructions are so easy to follow.

What I would like to see are more articles in the magazine about designers -- their stories on how they got involved in this fascinating world of quilting. Thank you for your good work and inspiration, which teaches me and guides me through this marvelous hobby."

-- Monica P.

"This is to reply to your request for feedback on your magazine. I personally have preferred Quilter's World over any of the other quilting magazines that I have subscribed to or purchased singly. You have a good mix of patterns between quilts, fashion items and home decor projects. I also enjoy the articles on new items in the market and tips on all aspects of quilting.

I know you service the U.S. market, but as a Canadian subscriber, I would like to have more access to products that are reasonably available to our market. As an aside, I have recently purchased and viewed one of the two online classes from Annie's catalog, and I was happy with the product." 

-- Jacqueline S.

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