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Finding Time to Quilt

I recently found a right-brain/left-brain test on my Facebook page and decided to take it. As I am left-handed, I have always thought I was right-brained and after the test, I found that I actually am.

Right-brained or left-brained simply means which side of the brain is predominantly used and also explains why and how you make the decisions you do, how you reason and process information. But of course, after a little research I found that being left-handed doesn't necessarily mean that one is right-brained. I found this very interesting, especially once I began to read the characteristics of right-brained people. It explains a lot about why I do things the way I do. I guess there must be some validity to this theory.

As a quilter, you may also find it interesting to take one of the many online tests for right-brain/left-brain determination. It may shed some light on why you chose to do the quilts you choose, or why you have difficulties with certain processes. There are several choices, simply type "right brain left brain" into a search engine, and you can choose the one you want to take.

My background is in art. I honestly can't remember a time when drawing, creating or crafting haven't been a part of my life. I am happiest when I am creating something or anything. I guess that is why I gravitated to quilting and all those beautiful fabrics.

You may look at my stash and see total chaos, but I see beautiful color and endless possibilities. I look at my fabric and see texture and vivid color, perfect for a flower or a leaf. I can't toss even the smallest of textile pieces away. My inspiration comes in waves. A certain color or fabric will spark an idea, a possible quilt or motif for one. I see entire projects when I look at a collection of fabric. Or I see flowers, birds or landscapes.

Just looking at batiks can inspire a quilt. If you know anything about my quilting, you know I love to do pictorials. I live to take my art and translate it into fabric. Fabric is a wonderful medium. I guess this is the creative part of being "right-brain."

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My wonderful, beautiful and inspiring chaotic fabric collection.

Being a right-brained person makes a lot of sense when I actually read my test results. It explains why I struggle with wordy text. I lose interest in it before I comprehend it. I am visual and tactile. I need to see and experience rather than copy instructions word for word. I guess I am a quilt rebel of sorts.

I also like short but concise instructions that leave room for personal choices. I can find inspiration in just about any type of fabric or quilt style. After taking one of these tests I have a bit of insight into why I choose what I choose. I would highly recommend it for every quilter.

Now if I can apply some of the important skills suggested to a creative right-brained person to my quilting I bet I can accomplish a lot, or at least -- with the to-do lists -- stay on task. I have issues with straying off on new quilt adventures. Now don't get me wrong, I do finish most of my projects. It's just that at any given time I may be working five to seven different projects at the same time.

Have you ever really examined your quilt choices to understand why you choose what you choose? Or how to best process your quilting ideas? If this is something you would like to pursue you may want to check out one of these tests and see what insights you can find. I found it very interesting and insightful.

If you choose to take my suggestion and find the profiling helpful to understanding your quilting, I would love to hear from you and how it helped.

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Projects I am presently working on -- never fear, I will finish!