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Letters From Our Readers

Several weeks ago I asked how you feel about digital magazine subscriptions. I included one of the responses below, but I'd like to hear from more of you. Please fill out the easy feedback form and let me know your thoughts.

-- Carolyn

"You asked for feedback, and I'm glad to give it. I moved from Oregon to Ecuador two years ago. Very few people quilt here, although there is a lively ex-pat community. I bring all of my fabric from the United States because I prefer 100 percent cotton. Ecuador makes many beautiful fabrics but not 100 percent cotton. You cannot find cotton batting, but I am about to experiment with other selections.

"I did not intend to sell quilts here, but I was invited to hand some quilts in a small art teaching space. About 30 people came to see the art students' work, but it ended up that many people wanted to buy my quilts. I sold everything I had near completion! Now I am making the next five quilts to put on my own walls. But what an incredible compliment and thrill it was to sell these labors of love.

"I love your magazine. Having it online made it possible for me to look at quilts, read patterns, enjoy the colors and different styles. The colors are rich and delicious as I go through each issue. The variety of projects is delightful. I always find something I'd consider making. Thank you for the lovely online magazine."

-- Sharon M.

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