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Let's Bind It!

I am going to make a list of summer projects to have on hand, ready to make when the opportunity arises. I hope to make good use of my scraps and stash. The plan is to turn some of those fabrics into items I can give to the ones who mean so much to me. There's nothing as special as a gift made with love. I plan to use my free time wisely this summer. With a bit of luck (and the list I made suggested for right-brained people to keep me on track), I bet I can have several wonderful small projects finished and ready for on-the-spot gift giving. And the bonus to all this is that I may use a bit of my overflowing fabric resources and, of course, make room for new!

All the best,

Carolyn S. Vagts

Carolyn S. Vagts
Editor, Quilter's World magazine

PS. Annie's has some great online quilting classes available if you're looking to try something new or to improve your quilting skills. It's worth checking out.

Carolyn S. Vagts is a wife, mother, grandmother, quilt designer and the editor of Quilter's World. She also has a successful quilt shop in Canterbury Village in Lake Orion, Mich. Carolyn has made a name for herself in the quilting world with her award-winning techniques of mixing traditional piecing with fusible-art applique.

Carolyn's designs have been published regularly in several magazines, including Quilter's World. She also lectures and teaches workshops to guilds.

The creative process has been a notable part of her life. She studied drawing, pottery and sculpture in college and received a Liberal Arts degree. She finally found her niche in quilting as a fiber artist. She hopes to bring a fresh, new outlook to Quilter's World.

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