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Quilt Season Has Begun

I'm busy making appointments with vendors for Fall Quilt Market. I'm making my lists and checking them twice. It's a very exciting time of year for anyone here at Annie's who is involved in quilting, sewing or the catalog. I've been busy doing my research so I won't miss a thing. I want to make sure that I discover anything new that's worth knowing in quilting, so I can report back to you.

Quilting is an ever-changing field, and one never knows when something new and exciting will pop up. Designers reinvent the (quilting) wheel constantly. I am always amazed at how new fabrics can change a traditional block pattern and make it look new, or how something as simple as a certain color will spark a trend that may last for years.

If only I could predict the next big quilting trend; but unfortunately, it's not as easy as rocket science. You never know if what you're seeing will be "the one." All you really know is that you need to check out everything. That's the only way to, hopefully, be on top of the trends.

Fabrics have already started to arrive here at Annie's. Just a sneak peek at what's to come.

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You're in for a treat in the next few months.

I'm working on my wish list. You know -- the list of things I hope will be there.

I need your help. As much as I am involved in the quilting industry, I still need your input. I need to know what it is you're wanting to see in this newsletter and in our magazine. What areas do you feel are lacking? Is there something missing altogether? Is there something you wish to see more of? Maybe it's a certain type of pattern you can't seem to find anymore, or a technique that you want to learn. Is there a particular color of fabric that seems impossible to find?

All these things are important to me. I can convey your needs to vendors, and maybe, if there is a need, they will listen. After all, without you where would they be?

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Notions, notions and more notions.

Sometimes, it's not so easy knowing what this industry lacks. So here's your chance. If there is something you feel needs to be addressed, I can take this information back to the designers, textile companies and the suppliers. I can make suggestions, and maybe, they will listen. Please send your thoughts and suggestions to

I've made several quilts that will be displayed in booths throughout the show. I love working with the new collections and putting my own personal spin on them. Designing and quilting are my passion. I am a totally hands-on editor. If it's quilted, I've probably tried it. And if there's a new and exciting collection or a new ruler, I want to work with it. I only wish there were another eight hours in a day.

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A couple of the quilts I will have on display at Quilt Market.

I, for one, am very excited about the prospect of attending quilt market at the end of the month. I am always full of ideas and excitement by the time it's over. I have visions of gorgeous quilts in my head as the doors close on another market and I head back to my sewing room and sketch pad. I can't wait!