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Quilting has been an important part of our history and our daily lives for countless years. Its origins were mainly a form of necessity. Rags, outgrown clothing and other usable fabrics were cut into pieces and sewn together to make utility blankets for warmth. And, as with all things, the creative spirits of human beings found ways to improve, change and add their own personal touches. What was once a way to warm, protect and nurture one's family has also become an art form.

With the beautiful quilting fabrics now available, achieved with the help of the Industrial Revolution, quilters can design and quilt with the finest quality of fabrics. Quilting is no longer a necessity, but a hobby, a passion and even a way to support a family. Quilting has finally taken its place among the arts and has gained the recognition deserving of such a creative outlet. Fabric is an exciting art medium and is finally recognized as such.