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On the Road Visiting Quilt Guilds

Quilt guilds are a great place to get quilting inspiration. Most guilds have small groups you can join, committees that need your participation and of course, there are always the show-and-tells. Seeing what other quilters are making and having the opportunity to hear guest speakers and what they're doing is worth the membership fees. If you're looking for quilting ideas and other quilters that share your interest, this is the place to go. If something new is happening in the quilting world, and you want to know about it, a guild is your best bet. You can find quilt guild listings online.

One of the guilds where I've visited and lectured.

As the editor of Quilter's World and a designer, I'm often asked to speak at guilds or at quilt shows, and when possible, I love to do just that. I've travelled to many states teaching workshops, quilting classes and speaking with guilds and at quilt shows. What I love most about these opportunities is the feedback I receive on the magazine and the ideas I get from the attendees. Sometimes when you eat, sleep and breathe your craft, it's nice to get a fresh view. I find other quilters' work inspires me to try new things.

I recently had the opportunity to speak at the Oakland County Quilt Guild in Rochester, Mich. This was especially fun for me because many of the guild members are longtime customers of mine at my quilt shop in Lake Orion, Mich. It was good to see familiar faces, and this guild has some awesome talent in it. For many years, I've watched the members develop and grow their quilting skills, and my shop has been a part of it.

The OCQG raffle quilt was designed by Lisa Burmann, Rita Morrow and Erena Reiflin,
and was quilted by Fern Myers. (Photo by Lisa Burmann.)
Tickets can be purchased by contacting

The guild had their raffle quilt hanging, and it was gorgeous. This is a project that the guild works on together, and then they sell raffle tickets to help support the guild and its programs. Guilds are nonprofit organizations for the most part, with a mission to teach and advance the art of quilting.

The topic for discussion was how to submit articles and original quilt designs for consideration in Quilter's World magazine, and then there was a trunk show of quilts I've had published through the years. I really enjoyed sharing information and my quilts. I was pleasantly surprised at how many questions were asked and at the interest in the publishing process.

Afterward, it was show-and-tell time. As many of the members came up onstage to show their latest quilting accomplishments, I was amazed to find that several of the projects were either from a class that was given at my shop or that the fabrics were bought there. I'm not often in my shop these days, and it's nice to know that in a small way I am still a part of the local quilting.

If you are a beginner or an experienced quilter, or if you are just a quilter who's looking for ideas, companionship with fellow quilters or a great way to share your love of quilting, and haven't yet joined a guild, you may want to visit one. You may find it's just what you need to inspire you. It's always nice to share thoughts and brainstorm with individuals with similar interests.