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Letters From Our Readers

Fill out my easy feedback form and let me know your thoughts, questions, news or anything else you want to tell me about or share with other quilters. You never know, I may feature it in an upcoming issue of Quilter's World newsletter. Keep reading!

"I don't look at leftover fabric as scraps; they are my treasures. If you divide your fabrics by color and into individual baggies, the next time you are searching for what you need, you will find it much easier to be inspired."
-- Deb G.

"Fat quarters versus scraps -- LOL. I am so glad to know that I am not the only one who is 'scrappy challenged.' I tried doing a scrappy string quilt and even that came out with the 'strings' color matching. I can't do disorder, and you make me feel relieved to know I am not alone. I look forward to trying out your pattern -- once I pick out my 'scraps' that I want to work with! Thanks for making my day."
-- Maureen K.

"Really enjoy the newsletter, especially 'scrappy' ideas."
-- Jeannie E.

"I started my first quilt with a tub of material from an estate sale. My goal is to make the whole queen quilt without buying anything but batting. Thanks for all the great tips along the way and for understanding that some just like to use scraps to create their keepsakes. Wish y'all had a place to post pictures."
-- Clyde L.

"Your tutorial on Drunkard's Path curved piecing is excellent! It's much easier than I was led to believe. I just want to add that Quilter's World magazine is my magazine of choice both online and in hard copy! There are always several projects included in each issue that I want to make, and I always seem to purchase your special issues as well. Keep up the excellent work!"
-- Barb J.

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