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A Note From the Editor

"I just go with the flow, so any style can be in my music -- that makes it exciting."
-- Yoko Ono

I love quilting for others, especially this time of the year. When Iím quilting for others, I like to try new and exciting styles and techniques. Thatís my opportunity to try out things I wouldnít normally do for myself. This is a wonderful part of quilting and gifting. And you know the best part of trying new things? I have found that my style has changed and my skills have grown. I now tend to mix up the styles and the textures a bit more than I used to. Iíve learned to go with the flow and not sweat the small stuff. Itís amazing what you can do when you allow yourself the freedom to explore new methods and different combinations of designs and fabrics, and sometimes, all it takes is making a quilt for someone else.

This issue of Quilterís World is full of wonderful ideas and patterns for all different styles and projects. Some are great for the coming holidays and some are perfect for gifting, but all of them are great opportunities to be creative and grow your quilting experiences. So, go ahead and page on through this issue and get inspired. I know I did!

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Carolyn S. Vagts, editor

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Carolyn S. Vagts is a wife, mother, grandmother, quilt designer and the editor of Quilter's World magazine. She also has a successful quilt shop in Lake Orion, Mich. Carolyn has made a name for herself in the quilting world with her award-winning techniques of mixing traditional piecing with fusible art applique.

Carolyn's designs have been published regularly in several magazines, including Quilter's World. She has authored three quilting books, Learn to Make a Quilt From Start to Finish, I Can Quilt and Learn to Quilt With Panels. She also lectures and teaches workshops to guilds and quilt venues.

The creative process has been a notable part of her life. She studied drawing, pottery and sculpture in college and received a Liberal Arts degree. She finally found her niche in quilting as a fiber artist. Her hope to bring a fresh new look to Quilter's World and inspiration for todayís quilters.

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