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Sometimes You See a Pattern You Just Have to Make

Finding a great pattern that is fast and easy is a great find. But when you find a pattern that is also scrap-friendly and you truly like it, it's awesome. Putting scraps to good use is a wonderful way to justify the purchase of all those gorgeous fabrics. There is such a sense of accomplishment when you can make an entire project with fabrics you already own.

Our featured publication for this update is the summer 2018 issue of Quilter's World magazine. It is available now as a digital download at AnniesCraftStore.com, or it can be purchased at your local newsstand. If you have a subscription it will soon arrive in your mailbox if you haven't received it already.

Quilter's World Summer 2018 issue
The summer 2018 issue of Quilter's World magazine is available as a digital download and can be purchased at AnniesCraftStore.com.

As a rule, I don't immediately fall in love with a design and decide I want to make it right away. I'm one of those quilters who is inspired by fabrics. I usually see a fabric or a color, and then I know what I want to do with it. Color is my main motivator, then after that, it's the texture that draws me in. I guess that's why I have such a big -- and I mean big -- collection of fabrics. Recently I've been drawn to patterns that allow me to use my large collection of scrap fabrics. There is such a satisfying feeling knowing that I can make something I truly love that is of value out of those bits and pieces of fabrics that I love. It makes my addiction a rewarding one. Well, Color Streaks Runner & Place Mats really caught my eye while putting this issue together. It has everything that appeals to me. It's fast and easy and is a perfect match for my batik collection.

Click here for larger image
Color Streaks Runner & Place Mats in Quilter's World 2018 summer issue, page 20.

And furthermore, I'd just finished another project for an Exclusively Annie's pattern, so I had lots of striped, pieced sections in the colors I love just sitting there waiting to be used. I enjoyed the original project I used those fabrics for, so I knew I wanted to use them for another project. As luck would have it, I had placed all of those leftovers into a basket and placed them up on a shelf. I brought the basket down and started sorting, pressing and adding a few more fabric pieces to the mix.

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Sorting out the strips I had, pressing them, and adding a few new ones.

I cut more fabric strips and added them to my growing pile. Then I began to add strips to the leftover strip set I had to make the units I would need for the runner. I must confess I tweaked the sizes of the strips a bit in order to use what I had.

Click here for larger image Click here for larger image
Adding more fabric strips to what I had on hand in order to make the strip sets needed for the runner.

Since the table runner called for 1 yard of fabric for the background, it was easy to find in my fabric closet. I cut out all the pieces according to the pattern.

Click here for larger image Click here for larger image
Cutting out all the background fabrics for my table runner.

I finished sewing all the required strips together to make the strip sets, and after cutting them into pieced strips, I then began to stitch all the sections together to create the top.

Click here for larger image Click here for larger image
Sewing all my strips together into strip sets, then stitching the cut pieced strips into place to create the table runner.

This top went together beautifully and very quickly. I layered, pinned and quilted it all in an afternoon.

Click here for larger image Click here for larger image
Table topper piecing completed and on to the quilting.

Another change in how I piece and quilt a project is that I love to do very scrappy bindings with the leftover fabrics used in the project instead of a solid one-fabric binding. I now cut and piece together bits and pieces in different lengths to create my bindings. I feel it brings interest to the edges and sort of frames in the quilt.

Click here for larger image
My pieced binding strips stitched together and ready to press in half for attaching.

After the binding is stitched on by machine to the front, I love to take the time to hand-stitch it into place on the back of the quilt. It's a great way to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee. When it's warm outside, that's what I do on my deck in the early morning. Now my color choices are very different than the original shown in Quilter's World magazine, but for me, it's just what I like. It will look lovely on my dining table with my Fiestaware dishes this fall. As for the place mats, well, those aren't on my list to make. I'll put this pattern away and may visit it again one day when I'm looking for a fun and fast project or a gift.

Click here for larger image Click here for larger image
Color Streaks Table Runner & Place Mats from the magazine and my runner made with very different fabrics.

If you're looking for a great project this could be it!

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