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Let's Bind It!

Let's Bind It!

I've so enjoyed designing and making this mystery block skill-builder quilt. It's been so much fun digging through my fabrics and making my selections (I won't tell you how many times I've changed my mind as I've sifted through my fabric treasures). I will tell you what fun this adventure has been for me. I've put a lot of extra thought into each and every decision I've made along the way, and I feel I've learned so much. I seldom take the time to really think about and enjoy the process anymore. Well, I can tell you that will change from here on out. I intend to get back to some serious quilting projects. By that I mean making things I've put off for years. I want to make a free-motion-quilted whole-cloth quilt, a postage-stamp quilt and several art quilts I've already designed but put away for "some day." Well, I think that "some day" is just around the corner!

I hope that in some small way this mystery quilt has inspired you. We only have two more updates until the great reveal. I'm so excited about the finale!

Stay safe and healthy. Keep quilting and remember: Measure twice, cut once!

All best,


Carolyn S. Vagts

Carolyn S. Vagts
Editor, Quilter's World magazine

Carolyn S. Vagts is a wife, mother, grandmother, quilt designer and the editor of Quilter's World. She also has a successful quilt shop in Baldwin Summit Plaza in Lake Orion, Mich. Carolyn has made a name for herself in the quilting world with her award-winning techniques of mixing traditional piecing with fusible-art applique.

Carolyn's designs have been published regularly in several magazines, including Quilter's World. She also lectures and teaches workshops to guilds.

The creative process has been a notable part of her life. She studied drawing, pottery and sculpture in college and received a Liberal Arts degree. She finally found her niche in quilting as a fiber artist. She hopes to bring a fresh, new outlook to Quilter's World.

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