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Let's Bind It!

Let's Bind It!

We explored how to change the size of a quilt block in the previous Quilter's World update and today we made a quick and easy quilt using a block that's been enlarged. I can think of many uses for this one-block quilt, from a cute and quick baby quilt to a table cover. Plus, it's a quilt that can easily be made in one day, and we're always looking for projects to make in a short amount of time!

I hope you all are staying safe and healthy and getting to spend time in your sewing rooms.

Take care,


Carolyn Beam

Carolyn Beam
Editor, Quilter's World magazine

Carolyn has been quilting for over 40 years. She took her first class when her oldest son was a baby and hasn't stopped since. She has traveled the country teaching and lecturing and has had many designs published in books and magazines. Besides making quilts for family and friends, she also makes quilts to donate to the fire department her youngest son works for. Carolyn is married with three grown sons and one adorable grandson.

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